About iCons in Medicine

iCons in Medicine is a global telehealth and humanitarian medicine volunteer alliance. This network of medical professionals is committed to making the world a healthier place. iConsult, the flagship program of iCons in Medicine, uses the internet to connect healthcare providers in medically underserved areas with specialty physicians who provide expertise, encouragement, and advice on difficult cases.

There are many ways to participate in iCons in Medicine. You can join as a General Member and network with medical experts, become an iConsult Volunteer and expand treatment options for patients who otherwise would not have access to specialty care, or enroll as an iConsult Requestor to request unlimited teleconsultations.


2 Responses to About iCons in Medicine

  1. Hayward says:

    This sounds very interesting.

  2. Dear iconsinmedicine.wordpress.com Team,

    The editorial staff at NewDoctor.com has polled our vast membership, which consists of licensed Doctors in every specialty in all 50 States. We asked them what are the best medical blogs online? The results are in and your site has received a high vote. We would like to recognize your authority by giving you this award to display on iconsinmedicine.wordpress.com. This award symbolizes your authority, which is recognized by the Medical Doctors listed on NewDoctor.com. We will also be adding you to our resource page.

    Please email us so we can send you the award code we do not want it published publicly due to its selectivity.


    NewDoctor.Com Team

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    1 International Blvd
    Mahwah, New Jersey
    Direct Line: (201) 704-8633

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